Providing EMI Total Solution
TOTEN Technology has worked with RDM to overcome the annoying EMI problems one by one, and has successively gained debugging experience in automotive/commercial electronic products in many countries. After years of EMI debugging experience, it has become big data and quickly solves increasingly difficult EMI problems for customers.
Extensive Automotive Electronics Customer Base
Accumulated many years of EMI debugging experience in automotive electronics for High-Voltage/Low-Voltage comprehensive response countermeasures for EV car and electrical components, and can provide customers with professional advice from mechanical design, components placement then harness wiring, and has repeatedly won the 1st-tier/2nd-tier car device manufacturers appreciate.
Global Supply Capability
In response to the evolution of the global village, TOTEN Technology has collaborated with professional logistics companies to provide global supply capabilities for the increasingly complex OEM types and shipment requirements, so as to allow customers to monitor, track, and dispatch resources in all aspects of transportation. To maximize the smooth flow of goods!

TOTEN Technology co-work with RDM to provide years of debugging experience and integrates into one-stop service industry services, in order to become a professional provider of EMI solutions!

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World Wide EV Car Outlook in 2020

Global sales of passenger cars were sluggish in 2019, but electric cars had another banner year Sales of electric cars topped 2.1 million globally in 2019, surpassing 2018 – already a record year – to boost the stock to 7.2